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It is a myth that the future is forthcoming; That the changes of our future begin at a different time. We can only dream of a better future when we fully embody the present and confront the contradictions of our past. 

In order for a Utopia to be possible, the order in which our current society is structured will need to be changed and rearranged. All current beliefs systems and values will need to be rationally analysed in terms of their utility and relevance in serving our conceived Utopian society and built upon or discarded where necessary.

Prevailing and dominant ideologies, such as Neoliberal capitalism and Carnism persist and continue to have far reaching implications, negatively affecting the wellbeing of the majority of sentient creatures as well as the environments on the planet. We cannot accept that this is the only way of the world. This is the way of the world because humans have made it so. We must choose not to submit, not to relinquish to capitalist and Carnist ideology because of convenience. 

This is a manifesto and an exhibition of artworks showcasing our individual interests and concerns from our own unique perspectives, providing both, the opportunity to learn from each other, and grow as we make new hemispherical connections and propose our dreams for a better future; and a chance to get a conversation started about what that future and indeed a Utopian society could look like and what that will entail. 

After you read this, think how can I, a member of the global village, make this dream a reality? How do I take personal responsibility and take even the smallest step today?